ViewSonic Smart Display VSD220 Review



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cute, now how about a review of the 24" version

quad-core, nVIDIA® 1.7Ghz processer and Android™ 4.1 “Jelly Bean

VSD240 will be available in North America in April for an ESP of $499.
shesh, I paid almost that much for my little 7" tablet and this is 24" also paid that much for a 23" 3D capable monitor, now add 3D and I might consider selling it to buy this ;)
glasses free 3D and there would be no might about it.



I got one of these for my wife and it works pretty well with a few exceptions.

The only input available is HDMI which was easy enough to convert to the DVI her computer needed, but there is no phono input for sound to the monitor meaning no sound from the PC except through HDMI - so no sound cards either.

The USB ports are for connecting a keyboard, mouse, etc to the Android OS running on the monitor but they can't be passed through to the PC via the USB cable that gives touch capability to the computer running Windows 8. I had to use a KVM to switch between the two.

The webcam also only works with Android and cannot be used with an external PC. Just as the Bluetooth and Wifi are Android only as well.

The Android OS runs a little slow, especially with any video like Netflix. Some apps in the Play Store will not show up because they do not recognize the monitor. Installing the Amazon market helps with some apps but other must be side loaded and won't always work right.

The touch sensing technology is dual camera IR which works pretty well in both Android and Windows 8 but has some issues with sensing touch by finger or any object, as it sometimes registers movement when you are just tapping the screen.

Switching between Android and an external PC is not as simple as it could be but simple enough. Although there is a headphone jack to compliment the speakers in the monitor, there is no physical volume control as is must be controlled through the OSD menu for either use.

All in all this monitor isn't so bad, to me Android is a plus to this touch screen monitor that is at a decent price and better than most.