Nathan Edwards Aug 22, 2008

ViewSonic VX2240w

At A Glance

View From The Top

Lifelike flesh-tones; no banding issues; good color saturation.

The View

Changing among color-temperature settings sometimes destroys contrast; terrible factory defaults.

ViewSonic’s VX2240w is unwatchable at its factory default setting—the screen’s brightness is cranked beyond the point of acceptable image quality. Fortunately, we were able to tweak the display’s settings to produce an image that was at least similar in quality to the Gateway HD2201’s. While the VX2240 matched the HD2201 tit for tat in its ability to produce lighter shades of gray on a solid white background, the former exhibited better color saturation in the lighter shade levels.

Something unusual happens when you adjust this monitor’s coloration options.

Flesh tones on the VX2240 appeared more lifelike compared to those of the HD2201, and the former even offers two additional color temperature settings for picture customization. This monitor displayed no banding issues and only a few color tracking discrepancies on the most demanding black-to-white gradients, but it does suffer from a critical flaw.

When you change its color temperature, the VX2240w is sometimes unable to produce its full range of dark or light contrasts. This sucks the quality out of a normal picture, but flipping the display on and off brings back normal settings. Still, it’s the kiss of death for the VX2240w.


ViewSonic VX2240w
Viewable Area
Native Resolution 1680x1080
Panel Type

ViewSonic VX2240w

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