ViewSonic Taking Trade-Ins for ViewPad (in the UK)

Paul Lilly

For those of you residing in the UK, ViewSonic is offering up to £125 (around US$200) for you old laptop or netbook when you upgrade to a ViewSonic ViewPad. The 10-inch model qualifies you for the full trade-in value, while the 7-inch device qualifies for up to £100 (about US$160).

You can't just pick up a busted netbook off Craigslist for pennies on the dollar and trade it in, however. ViewSonic says it has to be in working condition with "reasonable wear and tear accepted," which we take to mean that a few scuff marks is okay, but if there's duct tape involved, you're probably out of luck. The old notebook/netbook also has to be less than 4 years old with a functioning battery.

Caveats aside, the promotion runs until the end of December. See here for more info.

Image Credit: ViewSonic

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