ViewSonic Promises G-Tablet Update Will Solve Performance Woes

Paul Lilly

ViewSonic's Tegra 2-based G-Tablet didn't roar out of the gates the way the company hoped it would, and instead fell flat on its face. Citing a "manufacturing defect" that adversely affected performance and caused an unusual number of returns, Staples went so far as to pull stock from its store shelves.

According to ViewSonic, the issue isn't a manufacturing defect, per se, but a "user experience [problem] that caused all the returns." Whatever you want to call it, ViewSonic says a fix is on the way.

"We always listen to customers; while they love the hardware, they raised several issues about the user interface," Jeff Volpe, VP and GM for ViewSonic Americas. "As a result, our software partner is releasing an upgrade that will address customer concerns. Along with great performance improvements, customers will have the flexibility to use both a standard Android interface as well as a user-customizable interface which has been significantly enhanced since the product launch."

If you already own a G-Tablet, ViewSonic says you'll receive the update no later than Friday of this week via Wi-Fi. All you'll have to do is accept the request to install the upgrade.

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