ViewSonic Moving to LED Backlighting for All Products in 2011

Ryan Whitwam

ViewSonic is a big name in display manufacturing, and has announced that they plan to transition their entire line of monitors to LED backlighting by early 2011. The move is being made with an eye towards energy efficiency, as well as consumer demand. "ViewSonic is leading the way towards a greener, more cost efficient future by delivering an array of green LED products for our customers to choose from,” said ViewSonic's Jeff Volpe.

Traditional LCD panels use a CCFL bulb to light the display. Displays that use LED backlights are usually more power efficient and have much better black levels. ViewSonic released their first notable LED monitor, VX2250wm-LED, just a few months ago. Early reactions from customers are good, so we can expect more quality products like this in 2011.

ViewSonic is being careful to appease their partners that are still using CCFL technology. We take this to mean that they will still manufacture panels with CCFL bulbs, but all ViewSonic's branded products will make the change to LED. Do you use an LED backlit monitor? Have you noticed any difference from the more common CCFL variety?

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