ViewSonic Launches Glasses-Free 3D Camcorder

Paul Lilly

ViewSonic's UK division announced a new low price camcorder capable of shooting videos in 3D, the 3DV5. The thing runs around $240 and includes a 2.4-inch 'autosterescopic' display somewhat similar to the Nintendo 3DS. That means you can watch your 3D videos on the device without having to wear any special glasses.

Alternately, videos can be uploaded to YouTube's 3D channel and watched in 3D using the supplied 'anaglyph' glasses, which works even on a 2D display. Otherwise, the camera comes ready to beam 3D (and 2D) content to your 3D HDTV using the included HDMI cable.

"Everyone has watched 3D movies at the cinema, and lots of people are considering purchasing a 3D compatible display, whether a TV, monitor or projector. However, there is a lack of available 3D content, and people want to create 3D content that they will be able to watch for years to come," says James Coulson, European product marketing manager, ViewSonic. "The ViewSonic 3DV5 makes it easy for anyone to create future-proof, high quality 3D home movies and also shoot in standard 2D. As well as being easy to use, the camcorder is also excellent value for money, and will make a great gift this Christmas."

Other features include 720p recording, 10MB of internal memory, SD card slot, and a Li-Ion battery that's rechargeable via USB.

Image Credit: ViewSonic

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