VideoThang Offers Stupid-Simple Movie Making


If you're looking for a ridiculously easy way to put together that kick-ass video footage you made last night on your Iphone, mix in some music, basic transitions and titles, and upload to MySpace, YouTube, post to your Website or email to your pals, VideoThang version 2.0 may be just the thang you crave. VideoThang is a 20mb download for Windows-based PCs.

Calling itself the world’s simplest media editor, VT handles a wide variety of video filetypes including wmv, avi, mov and mpg (without making you figure out how to convert them) which can also be cropped with ease using start and stop markers. Upload a bunch of jpgs for a slideshow, access your Webcam or pull in media from Facebook. Resequence all the clips and transitions with a drag and drop. Add in an mp3 soundtrack, preview and you're done.

For superfast video mixing and assembly, this free multimedia editor and supporting online community is hard to complain about.

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