VideoEgg Hatches Five Alternatives to Pre/Post-Roll Ads


As Google looks to sell more ads for its YouTube subsidiary in an attempt to make the video site more profitable, San Francisco video ad network VideoEgg thinks it has a better way. VideoEgg announced the launch of five new kinds of video ads designed to "give advertisers more effective engagement with users inside social environments." The new features include:

  • LIVE: Use real-time RSS feeds to continually update the ad experience
  • LOCAL: Deliver ZIP code-specific messaging
  • RICH: Easily deploy and track a rich multi-video ad experience to increase user interactivity
  • SHOP: Bring the browser to the user, merchandising multiple items in a single real-time ad experiences
  • SHARE: Viral capabilities help spread the message through virtually any communication or social channel

VideoEgg's pricing model is based on a cost per engagement (CPE) instead of tallying up page views or click counts. And while VideoEgg hasn't made mention of Google or YouTube, the new features might make for a better alternative than the pre- and post-roll ads Google is reportedly trying to sell.

At just four months old, VideoEgg's future has yet to be decided, but in that short, over 50 brands including Microsoft, Comcast, Disney, Nike, GM, Hershey, and others have advertised across the VideoEgg network. Could Google/YouTube be next?

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