Videocard Vendors Expect Nvidia's Market Share to Drop, Nvida Says No Way

Paul Lilly

AMD certainly turned up the heat in 2009 and ended the year by wrestling away the performance crown from Nvidia in both the single- and dual-GPU landscape. Citing water cooler chatter from behind the scenes at graphics card makers, DigiTimes says AMD is expected to ride that momentum well into 2010 as Nvidia's discrete graphics chip market share slides backwards .

As it stands, Nvidia dominates the discrete graphics chip market with a 65 percent share, but sources say the company will drop to 60 percent, or lower.

That's news to Nvidia, who dismissed the speculation and says it expects to see strong demand, no mater what the videocard vendors think.

Should Fermi live up to the hype, Nivida wouldn't have much to worry about. But will potential upgraders hold out that long? Fermi will launch in March, which is still two months away, and that could mean mass shipments won't kick in until three months from now.

For AMD's part, the chip maker claims to have shipped a total of two million HD 5800-series GPUs.

Image Credit: Nvidia

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