Video: You Can Pulverize a Google Cr-48, But Not Its Spirit


While it can be difficult to reconcile yourself with the reprehensible acts of violence that gadgets are being subjected to these days by eyeball-desperate Youtubers, there are times when such antics leave behind a lot more than just hugely popular videos and the fragmented remains of these devices. A case in point is the pulverization of the maiden Chrome OS device, the Google Cr-48, by the guys over at Will it Blend? -- a blender-happy outfit that likes to grind to pulp or dust pretty much everything they can lay their hands on.

Upon receiving their Cr-48 from Google, they asked themselves the question that drives their very existence: “Will it blend?” The Cr-48 was quickly squeezed into one of their trusted blenders and reduced to smoking dust in a few seconds.

In the video, the blender operator expresses happiness over the fact that his information is still secure in the cloud. But he leaves us with a thought provoking question: “I wonder where the cloud is?” I believe this is one question that a lot of us have been asking ourselves, haven’t we?

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