Video: A Quick Peek Inside the Microsoft Store


As advertised, the very first Microsoft Store opened this morning in Scottsdale, Arizona, and unless you happened to be in the area, you weren't there to take part. But that's okay, because Microsoft has posted a handful of videos and pics documenting the occasion.

Consumers lined up overnight and stood for hours to be the first customers ever to set foot in a Microsoft Store, which they're sure to boast to their grandkids (or favorite message board). And hey, the first four campers would undoubtedly tell you it was totally worth the wait, as each of the four received a free Zune HD from Microsoft. Not a bad score.

As expected, there was plenty of hype leading up to the ribbon cutting, and the energy stayed high at least for the duration of the next video, which has the camera man panning around the room amid hoots and hollers and lots of hand clapping from the crowd.

Check the whole thing out here .

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