Victorinox SSD Mixes A Swiss Army Knife With A 1TB SSD

Brad Chacos

One of the major problems with covering all of the news flowing out of CES is that inevitably, something nifty gets missed. This year, we were so busy reporting on Ultrabooks and AMD chips that we totally glossed over what may be the most awesome survival tool of all time; a Swiss Army knife with a whopping 1TB hard drive built in. Whether you need to pry open a can of beans, file your nails, or transfer over 220 million pages of text, this bad boy's got you covered.

Made by Victorinox -- i.e. the official Swiss Army knife brand -- the Victorinox SSD (creative name, huh?) has two interchangeable bodies; one has the traditional blade, scissors, nail file and screw driver, while the other ditches those to make the drive more airplane-friendly.  The SSD itself is both eSATA/USB 3.0 compatible with 220/150Mbps Read/Write speeds and a 96x48-pixel display to show off the contents of the drive. There's also 246-bit AES encryption on-board.

The Victorinox SSD will come in 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, and 1TB flavors, but it won't come cheap; Engadget reports that pricing starts at $400 and tops out around $3,000 for the 1TB version. Better start saving those nickels, folks.

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