Viacom Tells Cablevision to Stop Streaming TV Too

Ryan Whitwam

Viacom isn't done ruining everyone's good time. Nope, not by a long shot. The content giant has notified Cablevision that their iPad app, which allows streaming live TV to the device, is not acceptable. The app only works in the customer's home, but Viacom still considers this sort of use to be outside the realm of existing content deals.

Viacom has also been engaged in a legal battle with Time Warner over the same issue. Tim Warner has filed a lawsuit alleging their use of streaming TV on the iPad is appropriate. Viacom sued back, and now Cablevision is likely going to be drawn into the fray.

Both companies are talking big, with Viacom claiming that Cablevision has "seized distribution rights that Viacom has not granted." Cablevision disagrees, asserting that the method of delivery does not matter, so long as it is delivered to one home. Adding, "Programmers are paid based on how many homes we securely connect to their content, not how many televisions display it." What do you think?

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