VIA USB 3.0 Controller Gets USB-IF Certified

Paul Lilly

The braggarts over at VIA are all too happy to announce that their company's VL750 USB 3.0 to NAND Flash Controller is the first in the world to receive certification from the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF).

"SuperSpeed certification is an industry first that places us well ahead of the USB 3.0 pack," said Gibson Chen, Vice President of Sales at VIA Labs, Inc. "This quality certification combined with the market's broadest USB 3.0 product range, spanning host, hub, and device controllers, will assure our customers that we truly have the know-how to drive SuperSpeed in the mainstream."

Bless their hearts for thinking so, but until Intel equips its boards with native USB 3.0 support, any talk of USB 3.0 going mainstream is wishful thinking.

Regardless, VIA's VL750 chip features a 4-channel memory controller with interleaving support, and of course is backwards compatible with USB 2.0.

Image Credit: VIA

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