VIA Unveils USB 2.0 Audio Controller Chip

Paul Lilly

There's still innovation in PC audio, as evidenced by VIA Technologies, who on Thursday unveiled its Vinyl Envy VT1730 USB 2.0 audio controller chip. According to VIA, it's the industry's first USB 2.0 audio controller.

"Over 10 years of experience in the audio component industry and extensive knowledge of peripheral interfaces has enabled this technology breakthrough," said Richard Brown , VP of Marketing, VIA. "Audio enrichment, through our successful VIA Vinyl Audio line of controllers and codecs, has long been a core element of VIA's multimedia product focus, and the VIA Envy VT1730 further extends our reach beyond the PC into high-end audio systems."

The Envy VT1730 produces 8-channel, 24-bit/192kHz audio, and according to VIA, is designed for cinema-quality sound recording and playback in high fidelity USB and MIDI systems, such as high-end headphones, USB soundcards, audio hubs, and recording consoles.

No word yet on when the new chip will show up on retail parts.

Image Credit: VIA

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