VIA Reportedly Working on Quad-Core Chips for Late 2011 Release

Paul Lilly

Hey, look who's finally joining the quad-core party! It's VIA, who according to reports, is announcing a new chip aptly called "QuadCore." The new part is comprised of two Nano X2 chips slapped onto a single package for a low-cost, low-power processor that will debut sometime in late 2011.

News of the new chip comes from The Tech Report after the site made a trip down to VIA's Austin, Texas offices earlier this week. According to TR, VIA will introduce QuadCore with its upcoming L4700 model. This slice of silicon will run at 1.2GHz with a frontside bus clocked at 1333MHz. It will have 4MB of L2 cache and a maximum TDP of 27.5W.

More intriguing is a feature called Adaptive Overclocking. Taking a page from AMD and Intel, QuadCore will ramp up frequencies when situations allow, going as high as 1.46GHz.

VIA says it expects QuadCore to show up in everything from netbooks to low-cost desktops, small form factor (SFF) PCs, and mini-servers. In the United States, VIA will likely drop QuadCore first into motherboards for use in embedded systems, TR says.

Image Credit: The Tech Report

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