VIA Pens eBook Celebrating 10 Years of Mini-ITX, Outlines Awesome Mod Projects

Paul Lilly

It's hard to believe, but it's been a whole decade since VIA created the Mini-ITX form factor with the launch of its Mini-ITX VT6010. The rest is ongoing history, but what's really cool is how VIA is celebrating the occasion. It's doing so with the launch of its "Small is Beautiful: 10 Years of Mini-ITX" eBook, and while that might seem like a ho-hum read at first, it's not often that we're given an inside glimpse of things straight from the source.

"Small is Beautiful is above all a celebration of the tremendous creative spirit shown by the modders and enthusiasts who got their hands on a Mini-ITX board and made their visions realities," said Richard Brown , Vice President of Marketing, VIA Technologies Inc. "It was they who demonstrated that PCs no longer needed to be big, beige and boring, rather they could be small, stylish and silent instead."

The Mini-ITX form factor is immensely popular among the modding crowd due to its small size (17cm x 17xm), which opens the door to all kinds of creative projects, including a mini Millennium Falcon PC. It also helped usher in an era of compact, power efficient computing, and even played a part in killing off those ugly beige boxes that used to dominate the desktop.

The eBook is a free download and is available in ePub and PDF formats. If nothing else, it's worth the download to skim through the many projects detailed inside.

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