VIA Jumps on the Dual-Core Bandwagon with New Nano Chip


We've been hearing about a dual-core Nano processor for some time now, and VIA has finally gone and built one . Currently in prototype form, VIA has been busy showing off its newest x86 part at this year's Computex show.

The new dual-core part was shown chugging along at 1.6GHz per core. According to C.J. Holthaus, a member of VIA's Centaur processor design team, it was manufactured on a 65nm process and is nearly ready for release.

"It'll be a product in about six months. This is mainly a technology demonstration," Holthaus said.

A 65nm manufacturing process isn't all that impressive at this stage in the processor game, and the final version will be built using something different. Holthaus declined to give specifics, saying only that it would use a "next-generation" technology.

This is good timing on VIA's part. Intel just recently laid ou t its future Atom processor strategy, which will also consist of dual-core parts and be aimed at the tablet and ultra-thin netbook space.

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