VIA Claims New Nano X2 Dual-Core Processor Runs Cool and Fast

Paul Lilly

VIA says its just-announced Nano X2 dual-core chip brings advanced multi-core performance to energy efficient PCs without raising heat output.

"The VIA Nano X2 processor arrives at a time when software architectures are now optimized for multi-thread computing," commented Richard Brown, VP International Marketing, VIA Technologies. "Improvements in semi-conductor fabrication means we can now double the number of processor cores while maintaining the same low energy consumption levels that our customers are used to."

The new chip is built on a 40nm manufacturing process and is one reason why VIA says it was able to keep power consumption down. It's based on the advanced 64-bit superscaler "Isaiah" architecture of previous single-core VIA Nano processors and features SSE4, native 64-bit support, full processor virtualization support, pin-to-pin compatibility with other other VIA processors, and a few other odds and ends.

Image Credit: VIA

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