VGA Port Living on Borrowed Time

Paul Lilly

Like the floppy drive, the VGA port has been one of the mainstays of the PC industry almost from the beginning. And like the floppy drive, the VGA port is on its way out, to be replaced by newer, better technology, reports .

For the most part, the floppy drive has already been replaced by USB thumb drives. The VGA port is still around, however both Intel and AMD, with the blessing of several computer vendors, said they will phase out support for the soon-to-be legacy connection by 2015.

The reasoning behind this forced retirement is to give DisplayPort and HDMI ports their due. After all, "HDMI and DisplayPort are modern digital interfaces that support higher resolutions and screen sizes," Intel spokesperson Nick Knuppfer points out.

Will you miss the VGA port, or is this move long overdue?

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