VESA Finalizes DisplayPort 1.2 Standard


After a long wait, the Video Electronics Standards Association, or VESA for short, announced it has finalized DisplayPort v1.2, doubling the data rate of the previous DisplayPort v1.1a standard and paving the way for higher performance 3D stereo display, higher resolutions and color depths, and faster refresh rates.

"DisplayPort v1.2 increases performance by doubling the maximum data transfer rate from 10.8Gbps to 21.6Gbps, greatly increasing display resolution, color depths, refresh rates, and multiple display capabilities," VESA said in its press release.

Other features of the updated spec include multi-streaming, which is the ability to transport multiple independent uncompressed display and audio streams over a single cable, support for high-speed, bi-directional data transfer, support for high-def audio formats, and synchronization assist between audio and video, multiple audio channels, and multiple audio sink devices using Global Time Code (GTC).

Image Credit: VESA via Engadget

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