Verizon's LTE Network Takes an Unscheduled Break

Ryan Whitwam

If you're the owner of a shiny new HTC Thunderbolt or LTE modem on Verizon Wireless, you're probably wondering where that extra G went. Big Red has reportedly been experiencing an outage in its nationwide 4G network for most of the day. Users have had no choice but to drop down to 3G connectivity. What is this, 2008?

Some unfortunate users have also been reporting issues with their 3G connectivity, but Verizon has not confirmed that. They have confirmed the LTE issues, though. As of about 4PM Pacific the Verizon Twitter account claimed the cause had been identified, and they were working to restore service. No exact time frame was given for the restoration of LTE data.

The carrier's 4G service produces speeds well over 10Mbps in most conditions, so going back to 3G might be a little jarring for users. Still, Verizon is probably saved from much of the customer outrage by the relative robustness of their 3G network. Have you been affected by the outage?

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