Verizon's iPhone 4 Torn Open and Gutted

Paul Lilly

DIY repair website iFixIt has a serious fetish with tearing into electronics just for the fun of it, and this week they've carved into Verizon's iPhone 4. Externally, iFixIt notes there's isn't a huge difference between Verizon's CDMA model and AT&T's GSM iPhone 4, though Verizon's does sport a different antenna design. The SIM slot is gone, and no doubt at the insistence of Apple, Verizon's branding isn't plastered on the iPhone 4. And of course this one comes with those annoying Pentalobe screws designed to keep you from mucking about.

Once inside, iFixIt says Verizon's model looks very similar to AT&T's, but they're not identical. There's no counterweighted vibrator motor in the corner of Verizon's model, and instead there's a different vibrator design positioned near the battery connector. Also visible is a slightly altered antenna notch.

While getting inside the iPhone 4 can be tricky, removing the battery is not. Speaking of which, Verizon's iPhone sports a smaller, lighter battery with the same 5.25W/hour capacity rating as AT&T's.

You can view the full teardown here .

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