Verizon Wireless to Bring Back Double Data 4G LTE Promotion

Paul Lilly

Thinking about signing up with Verizon Wireless? If so, you may want to hold off a few days before inking a two-year service agreement with Big Red. Word on the Web is that Verizon is resurrecting its double data promotion for 4G LTE smartphones, which means instead of being allotted a rather snug 2GB data cap for $30/month, you'd be given room to breathe in a 4GB cap for the same monthly fee.

The double data promotion also applies to VZW's 5GB for $50/month and 10GB for $80/month plans, which would be bumped up to 10GB and 20GB, respectively, the L.A. Times reports . It's not unlimited data, granted, but hey, getting twice as much of anything for the same price is always rad.

This is the same promotion that was introduced in November and expired in early January. As was the case back then, the resurrected promotion only applies to VZW's 4G LTE smartphones and is limited to new customers or current subscribers upgrading from a non-4G device to a 4G phone.

The promotion is set to begin on February 10, 2012 (this Friday).

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