Verizon Wireless Reveals Semi-Hidden High End Shared Data Plans

Paul Lilly

In the wake of AT&T rolling out Mobile Share data plans that allow its subscribers to share up to 20GB of data per month across a swath of wireless devices, Verizon Wireless has come forward to say, 'Hey, our Share Everything plans also go up to 20GB!' Big Red unveiled half a dozen shared data plans back in June that ranged from 1GB for $50/month to 10GB for $100/month, but it turns out there were higher tiers available. Twice as many, in fact.

The upper tiers include:

  • 12GB for $110/month
  • 14GB for $120/month
  • 16GB for $130/month
  • 18GB for $140/month
  • 20GB for $150/month

Why go through the trouble of hiding and/or not making the upper tier plans obvious? VZW spokeswoman Brenda Raney explained to ComputerWorld that the upper tiers weren't initially posted on the company's website because "the majority of customers use under 2GB a month. Who would need 20GB?"

The idea that some users would want to use as much as 20GB per month wasn't lost on AT&T, which offers the following Mobile Share plans:

  • 1GB for $40/month
  • 4GB for $70/month
  • 6GB for $90/month
  • 10GB for $120/month
  • 15GB for $160/month
  • 20GB for $200/month

Both Verizon Wireless and AT&T charge additional fees per device, which makes all of these plans less attractive than they otherwise could be.

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