Verizon Wireless Has No Interest in a Sprint Deal

Paul Lilly

AT&T's proposed $39 billion acquisition of T-Mobile would put the wireless carrier in first place, followed by Verizon in second, and Sprint in a distance third. One way Sprint could go from the biggest loser in this deal to one of the winners is if Verizon Wireless bought the company out. That isn't going to happen, Verizon Wireless CEO Daniel Mead said earlier this week.

Speaking to Reuters just ahead of the CTIA Wireless Conference, Mead stomped out any rumors that suggest a deal might be in the works. "We're not interested in Sprint. We don't need them," Mead said.

Unlike Sprint, which is urging regulators to block AT&T's deal for T-Mobile, Mead said Verizon Wireless would not oppose the acquisition. The reason, Mead says, is he doesn't want there to be any distractions to Verizon's goal of being the most profitable U.S. wireless operator.

Verizon may feel as though it's on top of the world right now, having just recently secured rights to sell Apple's iPhone 4, which previously was only available through AT&T.

Image Credit: Verizon Wireless

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