Verizon Update for Galaxy Tab 10.1 Addresses Your 4G LTE Woes

Paul Lilly

A new over-the-air (OTA) update for the 4G LTE version of Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet for Verizon might be just the thing you need to curb your cussing and keep your extra dollars out of the swear jar, but only if you're experiencing high-speed connectivity issues. If you're swearing up a storm for another reason, this update will do nothing to patch your potty mouth.

Verizon's OTA update promises "enhanced data connectivity," which we read to mean it should fix any 4G LTE connection plauging your device. That's it for the big fixes, and everything else is focused on squashing minor bugs, including a handful related to email and Web browsing, and a few ho-hum feature enhancements like adding the 15-digit International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) information to the "About Tablet" menu.

Read more about the update here .

Image Credit: Verizon

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