Verizon Pushes Palm Pre with Price Cuts

Paul Lilly

It's getting pretty hard to compete with Android, the hottest mobile OS on the planet that seems to be wedging itself into nearly every new smartphone announcement. Would a price cut and two-for-one offer be enough to sway you towards WebOS?

Verizon Wireless will soon find out who, after slashing the prices on their Palm phones, is now offering a buy-one-get-one free special. You can now pick up a pair of Palm Pre Plus smartphones for $50, or two Palm Pixi Plus handests for $30. That becomes pretty compelling with phones like Google's Nexus One selling for $529.

If that weren't enough, Verizon also dropped the price tag altogether on its 3G Mobile Hotspot feature for the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus. This used to be a $40 service, but now it won't cost you a dime to connect your smartphone's 3G Internet connection with up to five other Wi-Fi devices, like your laptop or iPad.

Two year contract and monthly data plans both apply, but this is a heck of a deal if you've been eying the Palm's WebOS phones.

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