Verizon iPhone Rocks Non-Death Grip Antenna

Ryan Whitwam

Considering the media firestorm we saw last year during the Antennagate fiasco, it was only a matter of time before someone got around to testing the new Verizon iPhone for a similar death grip flaw. According to SlashGear, which got some extended hands on time with the device, there is no antenna problem to speak of . While holding the phone in the GSM death grip fashion, they were unable to kill the signal, or even significantly degrade it. Other antenna points were covered with a similar lack of effect. The verdict? The antenna is fixed.

Almost immediately after the original iPhone 4 was launched, consumers started to realize that touching the gap on the side of the phone where the external antenna pieces came together caused signal to dramatically drop off. The flaw was confirmed by various publications, including Consume Reports, which still refuses to recommend the device. Matters were complicated by some users in strong service areas failing to reproduce a noticeable drop in bars, and Apple's insistence that the problem was with bar display, not the antenna.

Now that SlashGear has been unable to find a death grip on the Verizon iPhone, others will likely seek to confirm. If the new CDMA antenna is found by all to be dramatically better, it might be the closest thing we’ll ever get to Apple admitting fault. Is this going to encourage more AT&T users to jump ship to Big Red?

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