Verizon Introduces Flippin' Fast 300Mbps FiOS Quantum Internet Service

Paul Lilly

Remember when 56.6K dial-up modems were the cat's meow? My, how we've grown up in the past couple of decades, and so has Verizon, which just unveiled new FiOS Internet tiers and pricing, culminating in FiOS Quantum with blistering fast downloads (up to 300Mbps) and scorching uploads (up to 65Mbps), which will set you back $210 per month, or $205 per month with a two-year contract.

"A revolution in speed has arrived," said Bob Mudge , president of Verizon's consumer and mass market business unit. "The new FiOS Internet speed and bundle options provide incredible value, and represent the most significant mass scale, consumer broadband speed enhancement in the nation in the past decade."

Other standalone tiers include 3/1Mbps (download/upload) for $60/$55 month (month-to-month/two-year service contract), 15/5Mbps for $70/$65, 20/25Mbps for $80/$75, 75/35Mbps for $90/$85, and 150/65Mbps for $100/$95. Verizon also offers triple-play (TV, phone, Internet) and double-play (TV, Internet) bundles at various price points for new and existing customers.

To put the new speeds in perspective, Verizon says it would take 1.4 seconds to download 10 songs (50MB each) at 300Mbps, 2.7 seconds at 150Mbps, 5.3 seconds at 75Mbps, 8 seconds at 50Mbps, and 26.7 seconds at 15Mbps. And to download a 5GB movie or upload 200 photos (250MB each), it would take 2.2 minutes and 31 seconds, respectively, on FiOS Quantum.

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