Verizon Fixing Galaxy Nexus Signal Issue by Adding More Bars

Ryan Whitwam

Verizon might have been busy dealing with a couple of LTE outages as of late, but it has also had a chance to evaluate claims of poor 4G performance on the new Google flagship Galaxy Nexus Android phone. On that front; good news! An update is coming to “fix” the signal issues. Although, it turns out the fix is really just a change to how the signal bars are displayed.

“A future software update will adjust the signal strength indicator to more closely match other Verizon Wireless devices,” the Verizon statement read. Presumably, this will mean the Android 4.0.3 build expected in the coming weeks. The update is simply going to be interpreting the actual LTE signal differently when showing the user signal bars at the top of the screen.

If this update fixes anything, it’s merely the user’s subconscious perception of network quality. It could be said that Verizon is running psy-ops on Galaxy Nexus users. The phone won’t get better signal, but it’s going to look a whole lot better.

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