Verizon FiOS Subscribers To Get A Big Speed Boost In June

Brad Chacos

Replacing physical media with streaming music, movies and more is a wonderful idea, but in order to do it, you need a big, open bandwidth pipe. Nobody's ever watched an HD version of "Mad Men" on a 768kbps connection, after all. Christmas in July came early for cord cutting Verizon FiOS customers; the company plans on increasing users' max download speeds by a factor of two-fold or more, depending on which plan you're currently subscribed to.

Actually, looking at the picture above, you can tell we lied, because bottom-tier subscribers will stay stuck at 15Mbps. Top-tier $200 subscribers will hit whopping 300Mbps speeds though, which, according to the FiOS Fact Sheet Engadget dredged up , will allow them to download ten songs in a scant 1.4 seconds or a two hour HD video in just over two minutes. Not too shabby.

Uploads speeds are getting a bump, too, although that boost is nowhere as pronounced as the download speed's.  There may be unexpected coal in subscribers' stockings next month, however, as there's no word whether or not the speed increase comes with a cost increase.

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