Verizon Family Data Plans Launching This Summer-ish

Brad Chacos

Verizon Wireless has never been one to shy away from a dollar or two. (See: the company's aborted attempt to charge online bill payers a $2 "convenience fee." ) Don't be too quick to judge the company, though; it looks to be taking a turn for the consumer friendly with new family data plans. Rumors about the plans have been swirling for a while, but now we have some official semi-details about the launch window for the wallet-friendly data packages.

Notice we said "launch window," not "launch date." That's because it isn't going to be a simple flip of the switch migration. "It’s important to realize that the day we launch this account billing, everybody won’t be migrating to the account billing day one," TechCrunch reports Verizon CFO Fran Shammo as saying at an investor meeting. "This is going to be a long-term migration into where we want to get data plan sharing."

That being said, Shammo says the new family plans should start rolling out in the middle of the year. Verizon hopes to spur 4G adoption with the new packages.

So it may be coming later, but hey, at least it's coming. With the proliferation of Wi-Fi, it's easier than ever to stay off the mobile data networks, which makes Verizon's current $30/mo. per smartphone required data plans, well, suck even harder. My family's two phones typically use less than 1GB of mobile data every month and we're still stuck with a $60 data bill for the separate lines. Halving that will be awesome .

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