Verizon Eyes Customers Suspiciously, Raises FiOS ETF

Ryan Whitwam

Verizon is in the process of revamping its FiOS bundles. The new packages will include crazy fast 35Mbps symmetrical speeds. This is the sort of internet access that most of us can only dream of. There is, however, a catch. Verizon is also raising the early termination fee from $179 to $360. This mirrors the recent changes to Verizon’s wireless ETF that got the FCC a little upset.

The new “Prime” packages include the aforementioned speedy 35Mbps internet, phone, and TV with 125 HD channels for $140 per month after the promotional period. Bundles with 25Mbps symmetric and 15/5Mbps speeds are available for $125 and $110 per month respectively.

In some ways, the higher ETF makes more sense for FiOS than wireless. Installing fiber into a home is a pricey proposition, and laying all that fiber in the first place is expensive. This probably contributes to the relative scarcity of FiOS. Would you be able to look past the whopping ETF to get this sort of connection? If there’s FiOS in your area, consider yourself lucky that you even have the option.

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