Verizon Eliminates Early Termination Fee for DSL, Restructures Plans

Paul Lilly

Verizon on Monday said that it is getting rid of early termination fees for its DSL service as part of an attempt to simplify its plans for broadband service with easy-to-understand bundles. High-speed DSL customers can now build upon two double-play pricing tiers, the first being an entry-level service that supports 500Kbps to 1Mbps speeds for basic tasks like sending emails and photos. The second tier kicks things up to 1.1Mbps to 15Mbps for more advanced tasks like online gaming and downloading movies.

"Weve enhanced the value and simplified our HSI bundles by pricing them aggressively and removing any contract requirements and early termination fees for Verizon services going forward," said Eric Bruno , Verizon vice president of product management. "With these refinements, our high speed Internet service offers the best value in broadband."

The basic tier starts at $19.99/month, or $14.99 if ordered online, while the enhanced service runs $34.99/month, or $29.99/month when ordered online.

There is a catch to these simplified plans. In order to qualify for the above pricing, customers must subscribe for a Verizon landline voice plan. For those that don't, basic DSL service will run $29.99 and the enhanced service jumps up to $44.99.

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