Verizon Dropping 1-Year Contract Option

Ryan Whitwam

Verizon Wireless has confirmed today that as of April 17th, customers will no longer have the option of signing up for 1-year contracts. According to Big Red, the change is being made to simplify choices and because most people choose the 2-year option with larger phone subsidy anyway. Mont-to-month, prepaid, and 2-year contracts are continuing unchanged.

The 1-year contract option was popular among power users who liked the freedom of getting a new, subsidized phone every year. In many cases, Verizon's 1-year handset prices were only slightly more expensive than the 2-year ones. But no more. Starting on the 17th, new sign-ups and renewing users will either pay full price, or take the 2-year subsidy.

Have you ever used the 1-year contract option on your carrier? Would you do it again (unless you're on Verizon)?

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