Verizon Cranks FiOS Upload Speed to Keep Pace with Downloads

Paul Lilly

Upload videos like a boss!

Depending on where you live and what Internet service provider (ISP) you're subscribed to, there's a high possibility that your download speed is massively faster than your allotted upload speed. Such is the way it typically goes, though not so on Verizon's FiOS network. Effectively immediately, existing and new Verizon FiOS residential customers will receive upload speeds that match their download speeds .

This is a free bump in uploads, and a well timed one, according to Verizon, which points out that customers are uploading more and more information to the cloud these days. From sharing videos and photos to video chatting and backing up big files, upload speed is becoming an important metric.

"Faster upload speeds means better sharing experiences," said Mike Ritter , Verizon’s chief marketing officer for consumer and mass business. "All Internet sharing – whether videos, large photo files or gaming – starts with uploading. FiOS all-fiber-optic technology offers a unique opportunity to enhance our customers’ Internet experience on a mass scale by increasing our upload speeds to equal to our industry-leading download speeds. As the Internet of Things becomes a reality, equal download and upload speeds will become essential."

Verizon's decision to upgrade its upstream speeds is backed by market research from IDC. According to IDC, more than 20 percent of U.S. broadband subscribers upload nearly as much content as they download. That figure is expected to balloon to 60 percent by 2017.

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