Verizon Could Move to Family Data Plans in 2012

Ryan Whitwam

While not offering any specifics, Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam has again raised the issue of family data pricing . Consumers have been begging for a carrier to move in this direction for years, and McAdam seems at least open to the idea. According to the CEO, a family data plan for multiple devices could arrive in 2012.

The basic premise is that users already have family plans for cell phone minutes, so why not let them share a large bucket of data as well? McAdam acknowledged the problem explaining that consumers should not have to deal with separate data plans for each screen in the home. He went on to claim that Verizon has been working to get to account-level pricing for a few years.

There was quite an uproar when Verizon moved to a tiered data plan setup earlier this year. Some users find themselves stuck on higher tiers due to high data usage. At least if family data pricing happens, some users could catch a break in situations where one or more people never approache existing caps.

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