Verizon CEO Says They Don't Need Sprint

Ryan Whitwam

In the wake of the surprise AT&T deal to buy T-Mobile USA, many have speculated that Verizon Wireless might want to get hitched to Sprint. Big Red has gotten out ahead of the rumors and shot the idea down pretty handily. "We're not interested in Sprint. We don't need them," said Verizon CEO Mead at CTIA today.

Mead said that he believed that the buyout of T-Mobile would most likely be approved as long as the combined company adhered to certain conditions. A combined AT&T/T-Mobile would end up the biggest wirelesses carrier in the US, overtaking Verizon. While they might not like the deal, Big Red can't exactly talk up increased regulation of the wireless industry.

This also leaves Sprint in a strange position. They will be the smallest national carrier by far. Their WiMAX network strategy is also looking like the odd duck in a sea of LTE. We wouldn't be surprised if a Sprint deal happens down the road, but the last thing Verizon wants to do is spook the feds.

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