Valve's Steam Dev Days Conference Begins in Seattle

Brittany Vincent

Steam is as profitable as we all imagined

With its announcement of the continued growth of Steam today, Valve kicked off the first iteration of the Steam Dev Days Conference. More than 1,200 attendees to the fledgling conference were treated to inside information about Steam's 2013 geographic performance, and the numbers within were certainly awe-inspiring.

Steam's publishing team was on hand to give those at the conference a look at the geographic breakdown of revenue in 2013, seen above. There was a near-tie between North America and Europe, but the rest of the world is certainly closing in, with Russia and Brazil experiencing the largest year's growth (2013 over 2012) and increasing 128% and 75%. Those are definitely some impressive figures, but no wonder, with how Steam lures users in with sales and discounts. We're guilty of some impulsive spending there ourselves.

Steam Dev Days is held in Seattle, Washington, and you can learn more about the conference here .

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