Valve's Pipeline Invites High School Students to Learn About the Game Industry

Brittany Vincent

Valve targets high school students with Pipeline campaign

Valve has debuted an interesting new experiment known as Pipeline , a program focusing on preparing high school students for a career in video game design. Created by high school interns at Valve for their peers, The Pipeline website as it stands is more like a repository of questions and answers for those looking to jumpstart a career in the game industry, but Valve is looking to expand further.

The plan (via Engadget ) is to eventually gather questions from the community and supplement them with answers using various types of media. The introductory clip features the interns themselves explaining their vision and what they hope to achieve with this intriguing little project.

Video series, interviews, and more are still to come. Though Pipeline is still in its infancy, it could prove to be a useful tool amongst would-be designers looking to get a feel for what it's really like to work at a company like Valve or any other entity within the industry.

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