Valve Steam Controller Preview



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I see a world of difference between the "casual" and "average" to "hardcore" gamer so I don't consider "casuals" to be "real" gamers. Just my two cents.

Racing and sport games with a keyboard and mouse, now there is a challenge. Racing games are so good with wheel and pedals too. ;D



Controllers are good for racing or arcade games. I found it easier to play games such as Need4Speed and Zombie Driver HD with an Xbox controller than a mouse and keyboard. I wonder how the Steam Controller will stack up to the competition?

Apart from that, I'm kind of mad I'm disqualified from the beta program since I live in Canada. Why can't it be both US and Canada instead of US only?



So, I'm looking at upgrading my aging build and want to stream to my living room. Would you guys recommend staying AMD and stream though SteamOS, or go through NV Shield? Does MPC have enough experience to say?


Bullwinkle J Moose

For streaming games, I'd think that adding 4 buttons to the back of an android tablet would be preferred over a controller like this with a stationary living room display

Touch controls on front of the tablets screen + buttons on the back + gyro control.... oh yeah

Somebody should sell removable bluetooth buttons for android tablets and stream to a portable high rez tablet instead of all these separate components

Just stream my games from any computer I have to a $200 tablet and that's all I need or want

It's close....
I can feel it coming....

Almost but not quite



Thing is, you can still hook a keyboard and mouse up to any Steam box, right? Even if this thing sucked, it wouldn't matter, right?

I am still holding onto the notion that a Steam box is more PC than kiddie console.



Same here, or at least a middleground between the two.



Yes of course you can but Valve wants you to be able to play in your living room if you wish. They are basically beating down all the reasons to own a console. And after seeing 500$ steam machines now nobody has an excuse to not get into PC gaming.



With the announcement of the new K10 proc... man. It looks like APUs will finally be getting decent.