Valve Taking Beta Registrations for Steam In-Home Streaming Service

Paul Lilly

Beta participants will be randomly selected

Valve has been quite the busy developer as of late. Following the recent unveiling of its Steam Machine, Steam OS, and Steam Controller, Valve has now opened up beta registrations for Steam's upcoming In-Home Streaming service. For your chance to participate, you need to head over to the service's group on the Steam Community website and click the Join Group button .

The service will in all likelihood be compatible with Steam Machines running Steam OS. What it entails is allowing people to stream games from one PC to another anywhere in their home. So, if you have a Steam Machine or home theater PC hooked up to your big screen TV in the living room, you could stream games from your primary gaming PC upstairs in the game room.

"This feature will be available for beta testing later this year," Valve said. "Beta participants will be randomly selected from members of this group, so join, have fun, and stay tuned for more details!"

The group is currently comprised of over 18,000 members. It's not clear how many beta testers Valve will look to recruit.

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