Valve Squashes Game Trade-In Rumor

Paul Lilly

Valve kept it short and to the point when addressing a rumor that Steam is getting ready to dabble in used game trade-ins. We'll get to Valve's succinct statement in just a minute, but let's first take a look at the rumor that's been going around.

"Steam gives gamers enough other stuff so that they don't resent the fact they can't trade in their games," Michael Pacter, an analyst with Wedbush Morgan, explained in a recent interview with NowGamer. "And you know, name all the Steam games that you've purchased that you've traded back in to somebody else for credit. Steam's about to let you do that supposedly, you know like trade and exchange, but they're going to take a fee from it."

Game publishers haven't exactly kept it a secret that they vehemently oppose the used game business, and we have a hard time envisioning Valve going this route. So does Valve, as it turns out.

"Untrue. We've never met with Mr. Pachter," Valve's Doug Lombardi told BluesNews .

Doesn't get much more clear than that.

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