Valve Opens Feature Enhanced Steam Community to Everyone

Paul Lilly

Valve's Steam Community shed its beta baggage and is now open to anyone in the general public interested in finding and sharing game related content. The cleaned up release introduces a handful of new features, like automatically formatting YouTube links, a slick new interface (including a collage of your finest gaming moments on the screenshots page), the ability to search within discussions areas, and other goodies.

When first announced a month ago , Valve said the massive overhaul to the Steam Community was all about "showing off the best content gamers have created." Towards that end, there are now more than 94 million gamer generated screenshots, videos, and Workshop items (maps, levels, mods, etc) being shared throughout Steam's ecosystem.

The new Steam Community wrangles it all together in an attempt to create a more socially connected experience, one that's easy to navigate. Every game has its own hub, there are group updates, group moderation, and more.

Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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