Valve Offering Steam Distribution Deal To IGF Finalists

Brittany Vincent

IGF finalists given chance to distribute games through Steam

Valve is offering a deal that Independent Games Festival (IGF) nominees can't refuse. The sixteenth annual IGF competition finalists will be given the chance to distribute their very own games on Steam, as announced yesterday via CVG . This bombshell comes right after the introduction of Steam Sharing, a handy new service we reported just a few days ago.

The festival takes place March 17-21 in San Francisco, and the finalists that will be showcased will be announced in January. Previous titles to have come from the popular festival include FTL and Fez. More recently, the cult hits Gone Home, Cart Life, and Kentucky Route Zero found places on Steam thanks to the partnership between Valve and the IGF.

Are you looking forward to the IGF and seeing which finalists made the cut?

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