Valve Kicks Off Annual Thanksgiving Steam Sale, Also Grants Wishes

Nathan Grayson

It's that time again. No, not that time! And definitely not that time. It is, however, about the only time that the phrase “that time” has a positive connotation. Yep, as per tradition , Valve's slashing prices right and left in order to celebrate that weird, barely advertised void between Halloween and Christmas. Correct us if we're wrong, but it also involves the eating of an iconic American bird, doesn't it? The bald eagle?

Anyway, Steam 's taken to carving up the prices of multiple games until they're damn near unrecognizable, and will continue to do so until November 30. Currently, featured titles include Borderlands for $9.99, the Deus Ex collection for $4.95, Alpha Protocol for $7.50, Sam and Max: The Devil's Playhouse for $10.50, and more. As usual, though, each day will bring with it an avalanche of dastardly new temptations that'll slowly whittle away at your wallet until you wake up to find that your house and/or kidney has been repossessed.

Even if you've resolved to not spend a single cent this time around, however, there's still something in this year's sale for you. Yes, that does in fact mean what you think it means: free stuff . Valve's added a wishlist feature, you see, and each day 30 people will receive whichever games are in their top five.

So there you have it. Cheap stuff. Free stuff. You know what to do.

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