Valve Invites Developers to Come Test Drive Prototype Steam Machines

Paul Lilly

A two-day event for Steam developers

Valve sent out an email to members of the press announcing its upcoming Steam Dev Days conference, a two-day event for video game professionals to satisfy their geek in a relaxed, off the record environment. They'll have access to industry expertise, be able to participate in roundtable discussions, attend lectures by industry veterans, and even try out (and provide feedback for) Steam OS , Steam Machines , and Steam Controllers .

Topics up for discussion will range from game economies to virtual reality, as well as Linux, OpenGL, user-generated, and more. Given that Valve is shooting for a relaxed atmosphere that's off the record, we imagine anything and everything is likely to come up during the event.

The event will take place in Seattle, Washington on January 15-16, 2014. There's a $95 pre-registrant fee. If you'd like to attend or just want to know more, hit up the Steam Dev Days FAQ page .

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