Valve Gives Steam Users The Gift Of Remote Game Downloads

Brad Chacos

If your trigger finger starts itching for a new FPS frag fest while you're out-and-about and away from your PC, Steam now offers the gaming equivalent of calamine lotion: remote game management. Yup, Valve's made it possible to install new games on your PC while you're "busy" at work. Yay instant gratification!

The feature's been in beta testing for a couple of weeks, but Valve made it official and pushed the function out to all Steam users yesterday. It's super simple: just log in to your account using Steam's website or its mobile apps and start managing your game library, including installations. If Steam detects that you're buying a game from a remote location, it'll even ask you if you want to install the game on you home PC immediately. Of course, the Steam client will have to be running on your home PC in order for all that magic to happen.

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