Valve Engineer Praises Linux Over Windows for Gaming

Paul Lilly

The talking heads at Valve continue to downplay the importance Windows plays in the future of PC gaming, pointing instead to Linux as an alternative in progress that's gaining steam (and Steam, for that matter). Serving as the latest indication that Valve has a growing affinity for Linux, software engineer Drew Bliss talked up the open source platform during a presentation at the Ubuntu Developer Summit.

It's not clear if Bliss used these exact words or not, but according to Ubuntu Vibes , he made it known that Valve believes Linux is a "more viable" gaming platform than Windows 8, the latter of which ships with its own app store. It's a message that's starting to come through loud and clear from Valve.

Previous to this, Valve's Gabe Newell famously called Windows 8 a "catastrophe for everyone in the PC space," referring to the walled garden approach Microsoft seems to be taking with its newest OS. Not leaving anything to chance, Valve has increased its efforts on porting Steam over to Linux and has even begun accepting applications for a limited beta run.

According to Bliss, Ubuntu is the preferred platform on the open source side of the fence, both because it has a large user base with good community support, and because it has a strong company like Canonical behind it, Ubuntu Vibes says.

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